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MRE Boat Transport

MRE Boat Transport is for Sale

Do to an opportunity for me to get back into the construction industry, we have made the hard decision to change careers and leave the transportation business. This is in many ways difficult since we have truly enjoyed working with so many good people, boat owners, marina staff, sales folks and more. It has been a lot of fun delivering our customers dreams across the US and Canada and sharing in their joy at their new purchase or location. We’ve been able to travel to A Lot of unique and beautiful locations and met A Lot of really cool people. Those things will certainly be missed. The move back into the construction is a logical one for me as it’s work and people that I’ve been involved with all of my life so I look forward to this opportunity and its challenges as well.

So, if any of you are interested in carrying on in this very well respected business, please let me know. We are offering our equipment, business, this website, and whatever guidance we can provide in getting someone set to roll. You can see a Craigslist ad for more details here: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/bfs/5250463229.html

Thanks again to all for the great business and memories we’ve made. We’ll still be kicking around a few marinas from time to time (can’t let that go!) so hopefully we’ll see you again.